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Misconceptions About Southerners: What We Want You To Know

1. Not all of us are redneck hillbillies or good’ns that live out in the honkey-tonks of the bayou next to Forrest Gump.

There are actually big cities in Alabama. I would know, since I live in one. I’m not saying it’s Chicago, but it’s not a tiny little town with run-down shops and dusty roads.

2. We don’t all listen to or even LIKE country music.

I cannot name one country song I actually like. I’m not a huge fan of most songs they overplay on the radio, but I’m not over here singing about turnip greens and girls in them short shorts while I drink a beer, either.

3. We don’t all have thickly Southern accents just because we’re from the South.

I don’t even say ya’ll. I don’t. It sounds weird to me. I may drink sweet tea or like Cracker Barrel, but I don’t talk like this:

I was up at that there gun store buyin’ me some firearms for when I do my target practice from the rockin’ cheer (chair), ya’ll.

4. We’re not all confederate flag-bearing, shotgun shootin’, fly-fishin’ country folks.

I know how to shoot a gun for my protection, but I’m not going to Bass Pro Shops every day and hunting White-Tailed Deer and Salmon for a living.

For those of you Southerners that do this, great. But if I say that I’m from Alabama, it doesn’t mean I know nothing about the real world because I live in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t mean I’m a redneck shootin’ coons for hats, and it doesn’t mean I’m a tomboy and don’t know what a cell phone is. Just wanted to make that clear. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Update: I Made Up With the Guy I Bullied

I made a post about how badly I felt for bullying a guy in my grade. With the encouragement of my best friend, her mom, and my sister, I worked up the courage to email him an apology. He said he forgave me a long time ago. He said that he was doing better, that he was finally happy.

After three years of worrying, it’s a huge relief to know that. One thing has stuck with me since then. My friend’s mom told me something when we discussed all of this. She said that “he may not even remember what I said to him, but he’d remember that I apologized”.

People need to know that you care. Even when it’s hard, you have to show them. It’s amazing the weight that’s lifted from your shoulders, and more importantly, it’s amazing to know that they’re happy. That they forgive you.

That guy showed me mercy, and I’ve made a decision. If I have the power to show someone mercy, I will show them mercy. That’s what I’d want someone to do for me, and that’s what I know the Lord wants us to do.

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The Honest Truth About How I See This Blog and What I Want it to Become

Let me be honest. I named this blog the “Writing Books Nook”, but about 2/3 of the content is about cooking, photo editing, music, weekly obsessions, and personal posts. I’ve doneย one book review, maybe two, and they’re not even that good.

I’ve learned that I’m not a book reviewer. I’ve learned that I am a slow reader who makes bad choices in books.

I have roughly 15 followers, and most are book reviewers or people who avidly write about books. I love books, always have. But when it becomes something I dread writing about or meeting a deadline for, I know something’s not right. I can’t honestly say I have a huge amount of passion for book reviewing. If I lose followers, I understand. My passion is for my book. For music. For Pentatonix. For talking about things that are important to me. For cooking and sharing my world- my crazy, all over the place world- with you. With people kind enough to make time to read this weird stranger’s blog and engage with her.

Thank you for sticking with me through all of my different phases, fads, and ideas. I hope you enjoyed the ride, even if you got a little dizzy at times. This blog was supposed to strictly be a book blog… but I have more to my personality than just books. I’m a choir nerd. I’m a Pentaholic. I’m a homeschooler. I’m a mini-chef at home. I’m a girl trying to shed 30 pounds. I’m a big sister. I’m allergic to dust, pollen, cleaners, indoor plants, sashays, air fresheners, and Benadryl. I’m a Southerner. I’m a shy, nerdy girl with so much more to her life than just books and reviews, who has a blog and wants to share her experiences, views, and thoughts that she can’t say out loud.

If you’re up for it, thank you for caring enough to let me share what I’m passionate about with you.

With much love,


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I Have A Confession… I Feel Horrible About It

Okay… I’m going to get totally off topic from this blog for a minute. If I lose followers for it, totally understand. I get it.


Let’s be honest. I have always been the shy, school nerd/teacher’s pet. In fourth grade, I got caught up in the wrong crowd, but I got out of it. I’m just going to come out and say it… I was a bully.


You hear all of these people say “Stop Bullying!”, but I… I’m ashamed to say I was part of it.


I’m changing names for privacy purposes, but let me introduce you to Jason. I met Jason with my friend McKayla in the third grade. He was huddled in the fetal position on the playground, crying. I noticed, and we walked over to him. McKayla finally got an answer out of him as to what was wrong, and it turned out that his parents had just divorced. He also said that he would ride his bike home and sit outside until 9:00 at night when his mom got home. That’s horrible for a third grader to go through.


Jason and McKayla stayed close friends, but he and I kind of just drifted apart. We still talked, though. In sixth grade, I… I started in on it.


Jason wouldn’t be able to pay for the school breakfast, and he couldn’t pay for lunch, either. He would ask me and McKayla for food daily, and McKayla’s mom found out. She packed him an additional lunch with McKayla’s every day. In addition to that, he would ask me for food. I would give it to him, but I eventually… I got to the point of being rude to him. I crossed a line many times, being a complete jerk to him. But he took it. Eventually, he threatened to tell people something embarrassing about me because he was tired of my bull crap. I told him to go ahead, then went and got him in trouble with the principal.


I had this “I’m so perfect, Hannah can do no wrong,” mentality, and I feel so stupid now. It never clicked in my mind that he only had one meal a day, when me, the fat pig, had three along with snacks. Jason didn’t have that leisure. I’d tell him, “No! You’re not taking my food!” just because I wanted to stuff my face. I see him around the neighborhood once or twice a year, but it’d be weird if I just came out and said, “Hey! Sorry I was rude to you every day in sixth grade and totally insensitive to your situation! Besties?”


I don’t want to be thought of as the know-it-all who thinks she’s better than everyone. Trust me: I never talk like that to anyone now. I learned my lesson. I regret what I said every single day. I feel horrible. I was a bully, if that’s what you consider it. I hate to say it, but I was. And I know he’ll probably never read this, but I am so sorry for saying that to him, for being such a horrible friend if you can even call me that.


I’ve learned to REALLY put myself in other peoples’ shoes. I now know that people look like they have it all together, but honestly, they don’t. I may look like I was the “shy girl with killer grades”, but I’m not perfect. I don’t have it all together. Everyone has their own battles. I feel so bad for being the person who discredited those battles that other people have. Now I think about that. And I sincerely hope that he forgives me, because I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for that. I was a bully. And I’m not proud.


But that was a lesson I had to learn. And I’m so glad I learned it, because I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to be the bully.


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Weekly Obsessions

I’m in a bloggy mood today, so even though it’s only been three days since the last post, I’m going to go ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Song of the Week.ย Infinity- One Direction

2. T.V. Show of the Week.ย I haven’t watched much T.V. this week….

3. Food of the Week.ย Sierra Mist. I know it’s technically not a food, but… let’s just say my stomach makes dying whale noises on a daily basis, and anything I eat makes me sick. Sierra Mist is the only thing that calms my stomach… so yeah, TMI. ๐Ÿ˜€

4. Weird Thought of the Week.ย I’m surprised I’m not bald by now with the amount of hair I lose on a daily basis. First, I take a shower, and there ARE THESE HUGE HAIRBALLS THAT FEEL LIKE SPIDERS SLITHERING DOWN MY LEG. Then, I get out, and I feel these long blonde hairs stuck all over my arms and legs. I peel them all off and pull them out of the ends of my hair, then go to get dressed. I finish and begin to brush out my wet hair, and it insists on sticking to every article of clothing I have on, including finding its way down the back of my shirt. Finally, I blow-dry it, and I find MORE hair dangling at the bottom of the hair attached to my head and on my clothes.

Guys, consider yourselves lucky.

6. Book of the Week.ย You already know. The book is kinda sloooowwww…..

7. Quote of the Week.ย “I will break down the gates of heaven. A thousand angels stand waiting for me. Oh, take my heart, and I’ll lay down my weapons. Break my shackles to free…” –Run to You, Pentatonix

8. Bible Verse of the Week. “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” –2 Corinthians 12:9

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Peacock It Is… :)

So this little guy will be my next work of art (if I can even call it that; I’m not very good). I’m ready to start the next picture, so I only gave it a day to see results. I got five likes and a bid doughnut hole of comments, so… I’m guessing the peacock. Anywho, it’ll take me a while to finish… So you see all of those feathers?! Two pages worth. And I put A LOT of detail into each of them… so it may take a while. I have beย in the mood to draw, and I’m in that mood now, so… Happy Drawing or Writing or whatever I always say to end these posts! ๐Ÿ˜€
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My B-E-A-utiful Artwork (Not!)

My not-so-original artwork… ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, so… I finished this, what now? I have two others I’ve started, and I need a vote for which to continue first! Like for Peacock, comment for Whale Shark! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Or just comment an answer.)


Peacock that I’m actually sorta proud of…


Barely started whale shark… and yes, that’s my leg in the corner.